Why is COAPE Different to other Animal Behaviour Education Providers? Here are our 'Magnificent 7' good reasons.


1. The COAPE Team
Our courses are written by internationally recognised practical, academic and practising authorities. Check out their credentials.


2. Unrivalled experience in the provision of education in the behaviour and training field at the very highest level
COAPE was founded in 1993 and so offers an unsurpassable 25 years of top flight academic, published and practical experience behind all our courses.   


3. Unique pedigree

COAPE has been a leading driving force in the way that the whole subject of pet behaviour/behaviour therapy is now approached internationally. COAPE was the first to dismantle dog dominance theory publically in the 1990s, the first to include the study of emotions and their neuro-physiology as the basis of the approach to animal behaviour and understanding learning processes in the early 2000s, the first to discredit the concept of ‘diagnosis’ of animal behaviour problems as if they are diseases, the developers of the EMRA approach to the assessment of behaviour problems based on how animals feel behind their behaviour (and authors of the seminal book on the subject), and the developers of the ESTA approach to problem treatment – no other education provider has such a vital pedigree to offer at the core of its teaching programmes.


4. On-line marking and student liaison facilities
COAPE is an environmentally responsible organisation and we try to reduce the amount of paper waste we are generating. All our distance Learning course notes are delivered electronically via the internet, and all of our non-residential courses can be fully completed on-line. We supply you with a specially designed 'template' on-line to assist you in writing your coursework using your own computer and preferred word processing software. There are great benefits to running our planet-friendly courses this way, including:

  • Speed, reliability and efficiency: At the simple 'click of a button' you receive your course notes, complete your assignment and submit it for marking. It is then marked and returned back to you. No chance of valuable assignments being delayed or lost in the post!
  • Liaison with the COAPE Team: Internet course management means that you have easy and reliable access to a dedicated member of the COAPE Team, wherever they are in the world!
  • Up-to-date course notes and other materials: All our courses are under constant review and we update and refine our course material as new information becomes available... impossible with printed course notes!


5. On-line Student Resources
Students of many COAPE courses above Foundation Level are provided with password-protected access to a dedicated on-line Resource Centre. The Resource Centre gives you access to a range of rich media content to complement the formal course notes, including video, sound, graphics and pictures, web links, and of course additional written content. In addition, students studying our Foundation Degree (FdSc.) in partnership with Moulton College also have access to the college library and dedicated password-protected on-line resources where they can discuss the course, behaviour matters and help each other with their studies.


6. CPD Opportunities
We are constantly developing new theoretical and practical courses both for hands-on petcare professionals and pet owners alike, and are committed to providing Continuing Professional Education opportunities for our Foundation Degree (FdSc.) in partnership with Moulton College graduates and other COAPE course graduates.


7. Keeping up to Date: the Science of Behaviour, Animal Welfare, Politics
COAPE keeps constantly abreast of current thinking in animal welfare and changes in animal protection law and how this affects pets and their owners, and those involved professionally with companion animals. Read OUR BLOGS for the latest updates.



Animal behaviour education


We enjoy working with COAPE as their thorough and current working knowledge of the industry and the needs of the students combined with our expertise in qualification development have produced the best quality Qualifications for the future.


Clare Wigzell, Qualifications and Development Manager, CERTA