Professor Peter Neville - Senior Tutor

Adjunct Full Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA. (2009 – present) Clinical Professor, Dept of Veterinary Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Japan. (2009-11). Peter Neville is a founding Partner of COAPE and is a lecturer and speaker in high demand at veterinary, behaviour and training meetings around the world. [MORE]


He established the behaviour referral clinic at the Department of Vet Medicine, Bristol in 1990 and has been in practice for the treatment of behaviour problems in pets for over 25 years.


Author of the best-selling books: ‘Do Cats Need Shrinks?’ and ‘Do Dogs Need Shrinks? Peter is independent companion animal behaviour consultant to Purina.


Peter helps run 'behind the scenes' special safaris with top South African wildlife veterinarian Dr Peter Brothers observing the behaviour and studying the ecology of African wildlife, especially the African Wild Dog and the big cats Brothers Safaris also run amazing dedicated veterinary safaris, which are registered for veterinary CPD requirements.


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Dr. Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed DipCABT MRCVS - Senior Tutor

Robert is veterinary director and head of educationa at COAPE. He teaches and consults around the world along with writing for the veterinary and other professional press. He is also author of the informative COAPE Blog, published on their website, which has been taken up and endorsed by many training and behaviour organisations all over the world. [MORE]

Robert is an international consultant to the pet industry and is engaged in the on-going development and risk assessment of pet ‘toys’ targeted specifically at promoting the welfare of pets and their relationship with owners. He has been actively involved in the development of the ‘The Puppy Plan’, first launched in February 2012 and updated in 2014, a collaboration between Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club. He is also a member of the International Cat Care Behavioural Advisory Panel.


Robert’s primary academic interests include companion animal cognitive science and emotionality, nutrition and its effects on behaviour, and applied neurophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics in companion animal behaviour therapy. He promotes the idea wherever and whenever he can that “The key to better animal welfare is through education”.


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Professor Ray Coppinger (Passed away 14 August, 2017)

Professor of Biology at the School of Cognitive Science at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, USA until 2006 and highly respected COAPE Tutor, Ray Coppinger sadly passed away in August 2017. He studied dogs, bred dogs, published books and scientific papers about dogs, raced dog sled teams in the Arctic and worked with dogs and dog people for decades all over the world. [MORE]


Along with his wife, Lorna, he is co-author of the must-have books, ‘Dogs - a startling new understanding of canine origin, behaviour and evolution’, and shortly before his death, ‘How Dogs Work’ and ‘What is a dog?’. Indeed, Ray and Lorna developed the modern theory of how dogs evolved by natural selection. The most consensus view is that people domesticated dogs but the Coppingers questioned all that. By investigating dogs in places like the massive Mexico City dump they gathered information to support their argument that dogs evolved first from the predatory wolf as one of the all-time most successful scavengers. Pet dogs descend therefore not directly from the wolf but from an intermediary human tolerant and adapted form, the village dog, and continue to survive in far greater numbers in this form worldwide than as a pet, having their behaviour continuously shaped by whatever environment they find themselves in. Humans adopting dogs initially from these background sources have continued to shape them further into diverse forms making them, on the one hand, the most successful wolf ever known and on the other hand, something interestingly bizarre.
Ray brought together all his amazing experiences and life’s work as a professional scientist to explore the emotions, intelligence and development of the behaviour of animals in his courses with COAPE, and we are forever in his debt. Truly a giant in the world of canine and evolutionary biology.




Jo Jackson - UK Tutor

Jo qualified as a VN in 2003 and has since worked in 2 large first opinion and referral practices as both a nurse and behaviour counsellor and also as a locum nurse. [MORE]

Jo holds a Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care Currently and works as an emergency and critical care nurse at Leeds Emergency Vets, and privately as behaviour counsellor and trainer by veterinary referral, seeing both dogs and cats. Jo tutors COAPE's Certa Level 3 Award in Canine and Feline Behaviour Management in Veterinary Nursing.





Karen Marsh BSc DipCABT

Karen has a BSc in Biochemistry and started her career as a biochemist in a hospital before qualifying with a Further Education Teaching Certificate and gaining many years’ experience of teaching and tutoring in colleges and schools. She gained qualifications with the IBDTS and with LADS and began working as a dog trainer in 2007. [MORE]

After gaining the COAPE Diploma in 2011, Karen began offering behaviour services for cats and dogs. She is a member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT).


Karen is now the only Animal Behaviourist at a large rescue centre in the South West. She works directly with the cats and dogs, establishing the training plans and behaviour modifications necessary to increase their chances of being adopted. She also spends a lot of her time training staff, giving pre-adoption advice to new owners and offering post-adoption support. Any spare time she gets is spent with her family and growing collection of rescued animals.



Yvonne Mackender DipCABT (RQF Level 6)

Certified COAPE Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers MAPDT 253 FitPAWS Master Trainer & Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (University of Tennessee) Yvonne is a COAPE Certified Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) having achieved an Ofqual regulated Level 6 Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy, Psychopharmacology and Therapeutics (DipCABT RQF Level 6) and a Certificate in Companion Animal Nutrition (Cert Nut RQF Level 3). [MORE]

These academic qualifications are paired with a wealth of experience gained from living with a number of rescue dogs, over 30 teaching people to train their dogs, and 16 years working as a local authority dog warden.


Yvonne takes a holistic approach towards her work and believes that the emotional well-being of the animal is as important as its physical well-being. Physical problems (pain) often underpin behavioural problems and so Yvonne has trained with the University of Tennessee where she has qualified as a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and is also a FitPAWS Master Trainer. 


Yvonne has constantly embraced change and incorporates new theories into her classes. The continual professional development will ensure that you are taught the most up to date concepts that complement the kind, fair and effective science-based theories.


Yvonne is Chair of the COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT).


Alison Rengert RVN DipCABT

Alison is a registered veterinary nurse with 23 years experience, working with small animals both in veterinary practice and in pet re-homing centres. She gained her COAPE Diploma in 2011. She is currently establishing a behavioural training practice for both cats and dogs, but focussing on the assessment and treatment of feline behaviour problems. [MORE]

Alison has expertise in training and quality assurance gained through six years employment as an external verifier for the RCVS awarding organisation Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary nursing and RCVS regulatory officer to awarding institutions delivering degree level qualifications in veterinary nursing.



Jo Scott RVN, QTLLS, DipCABT, CABP, MAPDT 205 - UK Tutor

Jo graduated with her COAPE Diploma in 1999 and was one of the first Diplomats to qualify as a COAPE Association Behaviour Practitioner with the launch of the Association in 2005. Jo worked for Cedar Veterinary Services for 25 years, initially as head nurse and then from 1994-2008, as a full time professional referral pet behaviour therapist and dog trainer, latterly at their Canine Care Centre. [MORE]


Jo then achieved her teaching qualifications whilst working full time as Course Tutor in animal behaviour, animal care and veterinary nursing at Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester, Dorset. She has recently combined all her qualifications by returning to practice for Springbok Veterinary Group in Dorset where she is Principal of the South Coast Hydrotherapy School, Behaviour Therapist and trainer, and covers as a nurse when required.  


Her puppy socialisation groups were one of the first in the country to be attached to a small animal veterinary surgery, and her canine behaviour rehabilitation classes helped set the standard of best practice in this challenging field. 
South Coast Hydrotherapy school offers courses in hydrotherapy, water management and animal first aid with more to come. 


Jo is a member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT). She also writes books and articles on companion animal behaviour and lectures regularly outside the College for COAPE and for companion animal interest and veterinary groups both at home and overseas. Jo spends the rest of her time with her family and growing menagerie of dogs, cats, ferrets, ponies and her beloved horse.



Andrzej Klosinski MA DipCABT - Eastern Europe Tutor

Andrzej holds a master’s degree in human psychology and worked for many years as a professional psychotherapist in Poland. As a result, he developed a great interest in the human-companion animal bond and began studying, and then working as a companion animal behaviour therapist in 1999. He successfully completed his COAPE Diploma in 2005 and duly qualified as a COAPE practitioner in 2007. [MORE]


Andrzej treats feline and canine behaviour problems on a daily basis, as well as lecturing on animal behaviour and presenting seminars on behaviour therapy throughout Poland. He is consultant to Purina and Ceva Animal Health in Poland and also writes regularly for the leading Polish dog magazine, Moj Pies, and for veterinary magazines and journals. He is widely consulted by the Polish media on companion animal issues.


Andrzej established his Behaviour Practice in 2000 and now, together with his partners, offers a wide range of both practical and theoretical education programmes in Poland, many of which are also available for students anywhere in the world who wish to study in Polish. Their course range includes licensed COAPE distance Learning courses and the residential COAPE Advanced Diploma which was first presented in Poland 2008 with huge success.

For more information about COAPE Poland visit


Karin Pienaar (Landsberg) DipCABT CAPBT Practitioner CertCAB - South AfricanTutor

Karin has been working in the field of animal behaviour and behaviour therapy in South Africa since 1997. She completed her Diploma in Animal Behaviour in the UK, through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) and is a qualified Practitioner member of the CAPBT in the UK and South Africa. [MORE]


She worked as a Behaviour Practitioner for 9 years in Cape Town, but then moved to Johannesburg in 2007 where she, along with her business partners, established the highly successful COAPE SA along with its sister business – ThinkingPets.


After 17 years of consulting, Karin’s main focus now is presenting the COAPE Diploma and tutoring students, but when she has a spare moment she still enjoys helping clients with feline and canine behaviour problems although her passion now is her Feline Behaviour Practice. Karin is one of only two Practitioners licensed internationally to offer COAPE’s courses. In addition to frequently appearing on Talk Radio 702/567 Cape Talk, she is also part of the “Animal Talk” radio team. She writes for Animal Talk, Cat’s Life and several overseas magazines. Karin is also contracted to Eukanuba as their Behaviour Specialist, presenting seminars across South Africa.


For more information about Karin visit


Wendy Wilson DipCABT, CAPBT SA Practitioner, CertCAB, Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner

Wendy has been involved in the training and showing of dogs for the past 20 years. However, she has made a career out of animal behaviour since 2006. [MORE]

Wendy holds the OCN UK accredited Diploma through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology and is a qualified Practitioner member of the CAPBT SA. She is also a Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner and qualified canine obedience and clicker training instructor. 


Wendy relocated to Langebaan in the Western Cape in May 2011 and consults with clients for one-on-one training and all aspects of canine and feline behaviour problems as well as lecturing and tutoring the COAPE Diploma she writes for Animal Talk Magazine.


Wendy joined COAPE SA and its sister business, ThinkingPets, first in 2007 and became a member of the company in 2010.