Peter Neville

Adjunct Full Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA. (2009 – present) Clinical Professor, Dept of Veterinary Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Japan. (2009-11). Peter Neville is a founding Partner of COAPE and is a lecturer and speaker in high demand at veterinary, behaviour and training meetings around the world. [MORE]


He established the behaviour referral clinic at the Department of Vet Medicine, Bristol in 1990 and has been in practice for the treatment of behaviour problems in pets for over 25 years.


Author of the best-selling books: ‘Do Cats Need Shrinks?’ and ‘Do Dogs Need Shrinks? Peter is independent companion animal behaviour consultant to Purina.


Peter helps run 'behind the scenes' special safaris with top South African wildlife veterinarian Dr Peter Brothers observing the behaviour and studying the ecology of African wildlife, especially the African Wild Dog and the big cats Brothers Safaris also run amazing dedicated veterinary safaris, which are registered for veterinary CPD requirements.


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Dr. Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed DipCABT MRCVS

Robert Falconer-Taylor successfully passed his COAPE Diploma in 2002 and has since become Veterinary Consultant to COAPE and one of the three tutors on the COAPE Diploma course, as well as being the author and tutor of several other COAPE courses. He qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1981 and first went into mixed veterinary practice and then into exclusively companion animal practice. [MORE]


Robert has also spent time in industry as a management consultant and IT specialist and as a trainer to the veterinary and allied professions.


He joined COAPE as a partner in September, 2008 and moved to the Highlands of Scotland in 2009 where he currently devotes most of his time to education, lecturing in UK and abroad, writing, consultancy work for the pet industry and animal welfare.


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