EMRA Intelligence: The revolutionary new approach to treating behaviour problems in dogs
Robert Falconer-Taylor, Peter Neville, Val Strong


COAPE has been teaching the EMRA Approach to the assessment and treatment of behaviour problems in companion animals since 2004. EMRA is based on making an emotional assessment of the individual dog or cat rather than the 'quasi-diagnoses' of behaviour problems of old, such as 'dominance aggression' that have often lead to standardised and unnecessarily complicated and potentially damaging approaches to treatment.


The book is well produced with excellent charts and photos, and is published by Cadmos. It is a 'summary to date' of the developed EMRA approach, with case history examples. It gives an introductory 'flavour' to the content of the COAPE Diploma, Year 1 in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training where we integrate learning theory, ethology, neurology, emotional physiology and pharmacology into the model, and apply EMRA into more complex case history examples.


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