Animal behaviourCA1: Think Companion Animal - an Introduction to Canine and Feline Behaviour


A course of specially selected units from our courses: Cat and Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Ethology, marked by the respective course tutors... Animal Behaviour a La Carte!


The knowledge gained can greatly enhance the pleasure that you can get from understanding the pet/human relationship and your understanding of how all animals live, behave and survive, whether in a domestic setting or a wild environment.

This course will also provide an excellent foundation for further study, and successful students automatically fulfil the qualification requirements for the CDP COAPE Diploma Course.


What the student will learn

Unit 1: An Introduction to Dog Behaviour and Training: How dogs learn and Man's relationship with dogs today. An introduction into dog training techniques and advanced training problem solving.

This unit tutored and marked by Val Strong and Belinda Melvin.


Unit 2: Predatory cats: the ecological impact of this top-of-the-food-chain hunter.

This unit tutored and marked by Peter Neville.


Unit 3: The Psychology of Learning: Something all living organisms do every minute of their waking lives. What is learning for? How does learning work? Getting to grips with the mechanisms underpinning this remarkable phenomenon is essential for any effective training or behaviour modification programme.

This unit tutored and marked by Robert Falconer-Taylor.


Unit 4: The Subject of Ethology: What animals do, and how they earn their living in terms of foraging for food, avoiding hazards and reproducing.

This unit tutored and marked by Ray and Lorna Coppinger.


Course Information

Authors and Tutors: Ray Coppinger, Lorna Coppinger, Robert Falconer-Taylor, Peter Neville.


Course Type: Distance Learning. This is an unaccredited course. See our qualification-accreditation jargon-buster HERE .


Course Format: Each Unit of the course notes is e-Mailed out to students as a separate e-Book. Students also have access to the COAPE Student Resource Centre where additional support and course material are available online. The Resource Centre gives you access to a range of rich media content to complement the formal course notes, including video, sound, graphics and pictures, web links, and additional written content.


Much of the coursework for this course is conveniently completed online. We also supply you with a specially designed ‘template’ to assist you in completing the components of the coursework that require more application and writing so you can use your own computer and preferred word processing software. Your can then submit these components to your tutor via the internet, which are marked and returned back to you the same way.


Course Duration: Start in February and September of each year. The duration of the course is 9 months.


Abilities Required for This Course: This course contains practical assessment activities which involve sight, hearing observation and physical interactions/handling skills.

Course fee: £474.00

ALL fees shown include VAT (registration no. 187211800).