Dog training

CA0 Dogwise - Becoming a Better Dog Trainer by Engaging the Mind of the Dog


A course for dog trainers, vet nurses and owners who want to know more about how dogs think. This will help you run exceptional puppy and dog training classes.


Our understanding of canine behaviour and the various relationships that we enjoy with our dogs is advancing rapidly. This constantly updated course is designed to provide the very latest information for those keen to study dogs and apply their new understanding in a professonal capacity.


For example, what makes a successful dog training class? Fulfilling what the owners want - a sociable and well trained dog where both get the very best out of the relationship.


Author Val Strong is an international expert in training Emergency Response Dogs for people with epilepsy and other complex medical conditions. Val also has many years’ experience in the training and rehabilitation of problem dogs and is an expert in the effects of diet on canine behaviour and training.


Val has been training dogs for 25 years and now encapsulates all her expertise and knowledge in this course.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basic, essential dog training techniques; the core of any successful class.

  • How to motivate owners.

  • Running successful puppy classes.

  • How to accommodate special needs dogs or owners into your training classes.

If you are already running a training class, or thinking of starting one, then this course is for you. Packed full with fresh and practical techniques, advice and ideas that cut to the quick of running great dog training classes, this course will give you the resources you need to kick-start your business.

This nine month course can be completed by anyone who wants to gain an insight into how to structure and run successful dog training classes and successful students automatically fulfil the qualification requirements for the CDP COAPE Diploma Course.


What the student will learn

Unit 1: Behavioural and Physical Development of the Domestic Dog: History of man's relationship with dogs. Breeds and types. Dominance - the myths. Developmental biology. Why, When and How? Choosing a training venue. Home visits vs. class training. Safety first.


Unit 2: Learning and Behaviour: How dogs learn and factors affecting learning. Learning theory. Clicker training. Both ends of the lead. Teaching and learning styles. Client needs. Special dogs. Owner expectations. Motivation. Progression.


Unit 3: Understanding Aggression: Training vs. Behaviour. An introduction to dealing with aggression. Understanding and recognising stress in training classes.


Unit 4: Identifying and Modifying Behaviour Problems: Case Histories.


Course Information

Authors and Tutors: COAPE.


Course Type: Distance Learning. This is an unaccredited course. See our qualification-accreditation jargon-buster HERE .


Course Format: Each Unit of the course notes is e-mailed out to students as a separate e-Book. Students also have access to the COAPE Student Resource Centre where additional support and course material are available online. The Resource Centre gives you access to a range of rich media content to complement the formal course notes, including video, sound, graphics and pictures, web links, and additional written content.


We supply you with a specially designed ‘template’ on-line to assist you in writing your coursework using your own computer and preferred word processing software. Your coursework is submitted to your tutor via the internet, marked and returned back to you the same way.


Course Duration: Start in February and September of each year. The duration of the course is 9 months.


Abilities Required for This Course: This course contains practical assessment activities which involve sight, hearing observation and physical interactions/handling skills.

Course fee: £474.00

ALL fees shown include VAT (registration no. 187211800).