COAPE was established in 1993 to provide benchmark education courses, training, and professional development for anyone interested in studying companion animal behaviour and therapy, and has now grown to offer the finest professional study and career pathway for anyone wishing to practise as a pet behaviour therapist.


Dedication, Regulation and Accreditation!


COAPE offers a range of state-of-the-art distance learning and residential courses taught by internationally recognised academic and practical tutors. Some COAPE courses lead to Regulated Qualifications. These qualifications are accredited through CERTA and are listed on the Qualification and Credit Framework, and regulated by Ofqual.


At COAPE we now offer the first dedicated, properly regulated and independently accredited study and professional training programme in companion animal behaviour and behaviour therapy. This will enable you to work towards a nationally recognised qualification and help prepare you properly to pursue a successful career in this highly rewarding field.


FACT: No organisations, professional bodies or qualifications exist in the United Kingdom that govern, restrict, protect or bestow the legal right to practise pet behaviour therapy in the same way as veterinary and human medicine, for example. Your professional competence and success as a behaviourist will be determined by the quality of your education, experience and application. Membership of any behaviour body is voluntary.


Companion animal behaviour


Professionally run, academically challenging with very supportive tutors, but geared towards accessing a career path…mentoring of new Diplomates helps them move in to a professional work area….You never feel as though you are practising alone.