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The COAPE Higher Diploma Programme


What can Studying for the COAPE Diploma do for YOU?

Perhaps a better question is: “How can people recognise that you have a solid understanding of both behavioural science and the practical skills required to work in the field of companion animal behaviour and training?” Click Here for more...


Main Teaching and Training Venue

Rashleigh’s offers us a beautiful, historic, yet modern venue conducive to learning. Rashleighs also allow us to bring in dogs for you to work with. The meeting rooms are well equipped, modern and comfortable. Click Here for more...


Practical Dog Handling and Training Venue

The ‘art’ of becoming an exceptional companion animal trainer and behaviourist requires an extensive knowledge and understanding of the theoretical principles of behavioural science and practical handling and training skills. Click Here for more...


Regulation of Training and Behaviour

No organisations, professional bodies or qualifications exist in the United Kingdom that govern, restrict, protect or bestow the legal right to practise pet behaviour therapy in the same way as veterinary and human medicine. Click Here for more...


Our new Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition (QCF) is proudly supported by Royal Canin. Please Click Here for more...





The first accredited professional course of its kind in the UK. FIND OUT MORE